today i look like a fire-pixie with my glasses : D 
haha i wear them only for car driving! but i think i look really intelligent, dont i??? *laugh*

I came home and WTF is in my postbox?????
Blue leads! GOOOOOSH!
Yeah normal people think "blaaaaah lame.. fucking leads FOR WHAT? lame."

i search a long time for them and now i got them *___*
SO i need them for mangasite-sketching!
when im satisfied with the rough sketch, i draw OVER the blue lines and scan everything in greyscale, so the blue lines are gone! :)
and everything looks beeeeeeautiful *hehe*

and no, you can´t use a normal colored pencil.. they are to thick for sketching. 

So im HAPPY :)

and i got some new russian aquarell colours! *__* i´m in love with them!! 

...and yes im a drawing-material-freak!!!
AND IM PROUDPhotobucket



  1. Wieso trägst du dir brille nur beim autofahren?
    willst du leicht sonst nicht intelligent wirken *haha*
    lg Dabls

  2. weil ich kurzsichtig bin und nur probleme mit autobahnschildern im dunklen habe :) sonst brauch ich sie nicht ^^


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