pirates not dead

First pic from my shooting with tom! :)

and what should i say? i love it! *hehe*

i made the eyepatch by myself! it was so much work and i have to do it twice!! (tom says the first desing was ugly xD but yeah hes right)
so yeah...

today my lovely grandma arrived!
im so happy because the weahter in this piece of germany is so damn f*** bad!! everything is ice WTF!!
i surfe over the streets like a iceprincess *haha* or the dying swan...

i hope everyone has a great x-mas and really good Nom! :)


  1. Wenn so eine piraten frau aussieht! werde ich sofort bei dir anheuern x'D
    lg DablS

  2. The eyepatch is always a fun look to mess around with for photos! ^^

  3. @dabls

    yeah and it was so much fun to make the eyepatch :)

  4. awww die augenklappe sieht ja süß aus :D


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